‘My own journey of self-discovery began following a brush with breast cancer in 2015. I began to take a more holistic approach to life, healing & transformation. I am passionate about inspiring others to not let their current circumstances and mindset hold them back from creating a full and vibrant life
– a life with no full stops.’
Louise James, Founder 

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Cr8 Full Life provides a range of services, programs and workshops to empower women to reconnect to their inner wisdom & healing capacity; transform and create a full and successful life on their own terms.  

Holistic Approach to Transformation & Healing allows you to create inner peace, be true to yourself and live life to your full potential mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; so you can enjoy every moment with happiness and joy.  

I provide a safe, confidential and nurturing space to empower you to gain greater self-awareness and self-compassion; improve your emotional and mental wellbeing and to express your true self and desires for your life.

We are all on our own unique path and for this reason we offer a range of online services – Holistic Counselling, Self-Directed Healing and Transformational Life Coaching to meet you where you currently are and support you to move forward on your journey to a more vibrant and full life.

For there are no full stops in life but there is a power in the pause to connect, heal and transform.

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Uncover what is stopping you from
moving forward and gain a greater sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Leave the session with holistic tools to help you maintain and build on your newfound awareness.



Release your old stories and
accelerate your journey towards
deeper self-awareness, self-healing and emotional and mental wellbeing.

Leave the session lighter and with more clarity and joy for a new way forward.


Feel empowered to create a full and successful life on your terms in your personal and professional life.

Leave energised, inspired and ready
to take the next steps towards
your next chapter.

‘I found Louise to be very caring and intuitive in my sessions.  I felt that I was listened to and understood.  I came away with a feeling of empowerment and a new way of looking at what was holding me back.

Michelle P

‘Louise’s calming energy was ever-present as she guided me through the healing.  Her in-depth knowledge & empathy ensured that I felt in safe & trustworthy hands.  Louise has the rare talent of being able to hold the space of unconditional acceptance to allow the healing process to unfold.’

Melinda K

‘It was a real eye-opening experience on how I limit myself with my own beliefs and the stories that I tell myself.  Louise held me to account in a really heartfelt way so that I felt supported and not judged. That helped me find a way for myself.’

Justine S 


No Full Stops is a memoir of my rollercoaster year with breast cancer, the highs, the lows and the lessons learnt along the way to wellness.

I hope that by sharing my story, those going through similar challenges might not feel so isolated and that it also provides an insight for family, friends and carers on what to expect. 

Most of all I hope that it will inspire others that it’s never too late to rewrite your storyline and live a full and vibrant life
– a life with no full stops.

10% of profits from book sales will be donated to breast cancer research and support services in Australia


The purpose of the No Full Stops Community is to teach, enlighten, inspire and have fun along the way.  It is a safe and nurturing space for women to connect, heal, grow and move beyond their own full stop moment.

A heart-centred hub to come together to generously share our inner wisdom, insights and life’s lessons as we continue our journey of self discovery & healing.

Join and be supported as you move forward to rewrite your storyline & live a full and vibrant life – a life with no full stops