Holistic counselling is a unique form of counselling and therapy that focuses on a person in their entirety – physically, emotionally, spiritually, energetically and cognitively.

Each session provides a safe and confidential space to unpack your story, reap the lessons of the past, and gain greater self-awareness and self-acceptance.  I teach you holistic tools and techniques to help you maintain your newfound awareness and to be better equipped to handle life’s challenges with ease.


Workplace Mental health & wellbeing programs are available and tailored resources for employees.  I am a certified trauma-informed coach and have completed the Mental Health for First Aid Australia course and Recognise and Respond to crisis situations VET Certified Course.   For more information, Let’s Connect 

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Holistic Counselling session
Online, from the comfort
of your own home.

60 mins session / $120

EMPloyee Programs

Holistic Counselling sessions for Employees through
Employee Assitance Program (EAP).

ndis programs

Holistic counselling sessions for clients with Self-managed or Plan managed NDIS funding.

What Louise’s counselling clients have said …

‘Louise was really easy to talk to and I felt comfortable opening up about private matters.  She provided insightful and helpful strategies that I was able to use in both my personal and professional life’
– Melanie S

‘I found Louise to be very caring and intuitive in my sessions. I felt that I was listened to and understood.  I came away with a feeling of empowerment and a new way of looking at what was holding me back’
– Michelle P