ABOUT louise

My English humour and resilience have helped me meet many of life’s challenges, including a brush with cancer in 2015.   At first, I thought that cancer would be the full stop to my life.  Instead it opened my eyes to a more holistic and balanced approach to life.  I realised I needed to make changes, but I didn’t know where to start.  My mindset was stuck in old stories that still needed to be resolved.  I began a journey of self-discovery, study and healing. I began to tap back into my inner wisdom to feel more balanced and vibrant.  I no longer wanted to simply survive life. I wanted to thrive.

I believe the key to a fulfilling and abundant life is through a holistic approach to transformation and healing.  We are responsible for our own personal journey and growth. My role is to hold a safe and nurturing space that empowers you to unpack what is keeping you stuck, reconnect to your inner wisdom and healing capacity, so that you can transform and create a full and successful life on your own terms.

I provide holistic guidance, a range of healing modalities and programs to support you to release old stories and limiting beliefs, plan a new direction and feel supported through the stages of change.

For there are no full stops in life but there is a power in the pause to connect, heal and transform.  Let me help support you on your transformation and healing journey.

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Uncover what is stopping you from
moving forward and gain a greater sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Leave the session with holistic tools to help you maintain and build on your newfound awareness.



Release your old stories and
accelerate your journey towards
deeper self-awareness, self-healing and emotional and mental wellbeing.

Leave the session lighter and with more clarity and joy for a new way forward.


Feel empowered to create a full and successful life on your terms in your personal and professional life.

Leave energised, inspired and ready
to take the next steps towards
your next chapter.