Self-Directed Healing is a ground-breaking healing and wellness modality that helps you uncover, release and heal from old stories, self-sabotaging patterns, limiting beliefs and deep emotional wounds that you have long held.   I guide and support you to feel and move through your emotions so that they no longer remain stuck or stagnant in your body. Leave the session feeling lighter and with greater self-awareness and emotional and mental wellbeing.

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1:1 Session

Self-Directed Healing Online session from the comfort of your own home.
90 mins session / $249


Group Self-Directed Healing online session from the comfort of  your own home.


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What Louise’s healing clients have said …

‘Louise was non-judgemental, caring, and made sure I was at ease and relaxed at every stage.  We covered several very emotional and personal topics during our sessions, and at all times I felt I was in a safe space mentally and spiritually. During my SDH sessions, Louise guided me seamlessly through past behavioural experiences and allowed me to see for myself how they were affecting my feelings and thoughts in the present day.  With that newfound self-awareness, I was able to release old thought patterns and emotions, and gently let myself begin evolving and healing. After my sessions with Louise, I had a much greater understanding of myself, which has allowed me to move forward in life with more confidence.’

Suzie N

‘I had some SDH sessions with Louise recently and felt so much better afterwards.  Louise had just the right mix of warmth, empathy and humour and her ability to listen to and understand my story put my mind at ease.  Her friendly and easy-going style of working had me feeling more relaxed emotionally and physically.  Self-directed healing is a tool I will definitely use again in the future.’

 Jane D

‘Louise was incredibly supportive and nurturing throughout my entire SDH session.  I felt completely comfortable in talking and letting go of emotions with Louise as she was so compassionate and understanding to all of my needs.  The music playing was also very beautiful and created yet another healing element to the session.  I would highly recommend Louise to anyone as I came out of the session very happy and with more empathy for myself.  She definitely has an amazing gift of healing to share with the world.’

Caroline A

‘Louise’s calming energy was ever present as she guided me thru the healing.  Her in-depth knowledge & empathy ensured that I felt in safe & trustworthy hands.  Louise has the rare talent of being able to hold the space of unconditional acceptance to allow the healing process to unfold.  Thanks, Louise, for broadening my mind to the possibilities of this unique & therapeutic experience.’

Melinda K